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WHITE JENNA by Jane Yolen


Book Two Of The Great Alta Saga

by Jane Yolen

Pub Date: Oct. 6th, 1989
ISBN: 0765343584
Publisher: Tor

Sequel to Sister Light, Sister Dark, a fantasy wherein women trained in mirror-magic can call forth dark twins who appear by moonlight or candlelight. Warrior Jenna's life thus far has conformed to the prophecy that she is the Anna, a sort of demigoddess who's also destined to become queen. Meanwhile, King Gorum has been deposed by the evil Kalas and now leads a small band of rebels. Then Jenna and her companions, in a magical interlude, meet the revered founder of their order, Alta, and receive strange gifts. Eventually, they return to the real world, where Gorum has been slain and his brother Carum, whom Jenna loves, languishes in Kalas' dungeons. Jenna determines on a stealthy assault; Kalas captures her, and she joins Carum in his dungeon. So, to nobody's surprise, Jenna will need the help of her dark sister to escape and free Carum, and kill Kalas. Tired. thoroughly predictable stuff, padded out with important-sounding fluff: strictly for Dark/Light addicts.