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Feminine Forever is an invitation no woman in her right genes could resist, and Dr. Wilson, who is at Brooklyn's Methodist Hospital has spent many years, in establishing that estrogen therapy keeps a woman younger in appearance, in health, and in her sexual responsiveness. It also, has ""almost no undesirable side effects"" and the carcinogenic alarm attached to hormone therapy a few years ago has been disproved. In fact, he found that estrogen seems to have anti-cancerous effects (this, we understand on checking, has not fully been documented). Dr. Wilson states that the menopause which is crippling both physically and emotionally is preventable, and even encourages women to have menstruation reactivated through hormones after cessation. Here he may meet a certain resistance from the women themselves, rather than from the medical profession whom he says are both indifferent and/or ignorant in the handling of this problem. This is overstated since a good many medical men are using estrogen therapy if perhaps not to the extent Dr. Wilson recommends. The book will have a Look magazine preview and strong publisher pressure, and the idea is as alluring as the potential promise thereof.

Publisher: Evans