PICKLES AND JAKE by Janet Chenery


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Pickles (a dog) and Jake (cat) trot along the dotted line to a pet show competition for which Sam and Charlie have been teaching Pickles tricks while friendly rival Emily grooms Jake for the beauty event. When the day arrives a Great Dane upsets both pets so that Pickles instead of performing runs madly round the ring with a frightened Jake on his back, Jake gets too dirty to win ""most beautiful,"" but -- what do you suppose? -- the two of them get a ""Most Unusual Trick Award"" and the children congratulate instead of teasing each other. One imagines that Chenery, who we're told is a children's book editor, must have turned down more than one such manuscript, and Lillian Obligado's everyday brown and black drawings don't make this one look different.

Pub Date: March 24th, 1975
Publisher: Viking