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LOVE IN A NUTSHELL by Janet Evanovich


by Janet EvanovichDorien Kelly

Pub Date: Jan. 3rd, 2012
ISBN: 978-0-312-65131-2
Publisher: St. Martin's

A nice gal tries to solve a mystery in the microbrewery owned by a hometown boy in this classic cross-genre read.

Kate Appleton has moved to her family’s summer home with dreams of turning the lake house, affectionately known as The Nutshell, into a bed-and-breakfast. Unfortunately, a bachelor’s degree in drama doesn’t open many doors to employment in Keene’s Harbor, and what Kate needs more than anything else is a large sum of money to pay off the mortgage before the house goes into foreclosure. Enter Matt Culhane, local hottie and owner of Depot Brewing Company, a small-time tap house in the process of making it big. Not only is Matt willing to give Kate the job she demands, soon he wants to be more than just her boss. But Kate, who’s recently been burned by her ex Richard’s affair with Shayla the Homewrecker, isn’t ready to give in to Matt’s charms. She’s more interested in Matt’s promise as the key to her future, since her job with him isn’t limited to brewery work but extends to the role of full-time snoop. Matt’s been having problems of his own with someone who seems to be sabotaging his whole operation. Ever-curious Kate hopes she can find out who has turned traitor and claim the $20,000 bonus Matt’s promised her for finding the culprit before the Nutshell’s reclaimed by the mortgage’s new holder.

Blending classic romance archetypes with an edge of mystery, the duo of Evanovich (Sizzling Sixteen, 2010, etc.) and Kelly is sure to appeal to fans of both genres with reader-friendly writing that mirrors its characters’ all-American appeal.