A JOYFUL NOISE by Janet Gillespie


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A stylish and witty recounting of childhood summers in the '20's, by one of five children in a loving family -- which seemed to possess the wicked knack of enjoying, and exploiting, one another's landmark idiosyncracies. There was grandmother Baba, erect and small, bellowing messages from porch to boathouse via a megaphone; Mother and siblings, at work on Father's clerical vocation (""Guess what God's done now!""); and Father, gentle and high-spirited, bird-walk guide, organizer of expeditions, and an enthusiast like the others, of bracing seascapes. There is a delicate, compassionate portrait of Uncle Tink, a mental retardate in his twenties (but only ""two or three inside""), which encompasses a natural, affectionate and genial hilarity at some of his peccadillos. Picnics and games, gatherings and crises and Mrs. Gillespie takes a warm satisfaction in all of the generally joyful noise.

Pub Date: Jan. 6th, 1970
Publisher: Harper & Row