BEDLAM IN THE BACK SEAT by Janet Gillespie


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The high -- and the low -- moments of European travel are multiplied by six, for the Gillespies take their four children, Kathy, 16, Pete, 14, Margie, 11, and Billy, 8, on tour in a small car, Tom Thumb, and from Paris to Italy, to England, they create their own particular brand of confusion. The packing, the squabbles, the accommodations, the doubtful values of sightseeing, the adapting to local living, the types of meals, the nightmares of driving, the adjustment to all the changes --these are part of a six-sided exposure to foreign places with the parents generally at the receiving end of all the episodes. With the question of money a constant, there were ways of cutting corners which had their embarrassing aspects; clothes were another issue as was the necessity for keeping up with school work. The five months provided plenty of unexpected obstacles --as well as pleasures. With a light -- occasionally hysterical -- touch, Mrs. Gillespie makes the most of an en famille sojourn.

Publisher: Crowell