MEETING FOR BURIAL by Janet Hitchman


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The friends and relatives of Mildred Moore have assembled at this Quaker Burial Meeting to honor the memory of their most active and controversial member. Mildred Moore served in the Society of Friends as a medical missionary for most of her seventy-seven years and various phases of her life from childhood until death are silently recalled by the Friends who were closest to her. The question that lingers is similar to the enigma central to another recent definite and determined woman--Jean Brodie (though this is their only point of comparison): was she, in her personal relations, a force for good or ill? Mildred's activities for social good all over the world give her public life the quality of the Perils of Pauline--though her author is too respectful to suggest it. But was Mildred's glory attained through personal ruthlessness? In a way. Miss Hitchman's first novel raises some basic questions but it is very contrived. It does have a certain antiquarian interest.

Pub Date: Aug. 21st, 1968
Publisher: Atheneum