SPEAKING UP: A Book for Every Woman Who Talks by Janet & Jane Bachner Stone

SPEAKING UP: A Book for Every Woman Who Talks

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Public speaking tips--poise is efficient body behavior that fits the communicative situation; think of each phone call as a speech--and a few tidbits about verbal quirks that betray your psychological state on stage or off. (Giggling, slang, and unexplained abbreviations are no good. Same for ""um"" and ""you know."") How to mount a podium without worrying about a queasy stomach: keep a wastepaper basket handy off-stage and remember that audiences are prepared to expect whatever they are given; excuse yourself if you feel sick; then return as soon as possible. Practical advice here, skewed for women with a view to their changing role in society.

Pub Date: Oct. 16th, 1977
Publisher: McGraw-Hill