BOY WANTED by Janet Lambert


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Both sophomores, Ginger and Patty are inseparable friends, inseparable except for the times when beautiful Patty is concentrating on one of her ardent admirers. Ginger, submissively devoted to the more striking girl, accepts Patty's self-centered confidence as a counterpart to her flawless looks until both girls are shown by several young men that generosity of spirit is more compelling than just physical allure. In Ginger's self assertion, ironically, lies Patty's salvation. No longer the object of a blind worship, she is able to begin the painful but profitable process of maturation. This girl's story which touches on the various intricacies of the highschool social fabric will find enthusiastic readers among those who seek their own image, somewhat cosmeticized, and reproduced with vitality. Basically a cliche situation.

Pub Date: Aug. 31st, 1959
Publisher: Dutton