MYSELF AND I by Janet Lambert
Kirkus Star


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At eighteen Susan Jordan -- of the jovial and justly popular Jordan family (settled in a pleasant old house in the Hudson River Valley)- weighs the stirrings of her own need for individuality against family loyalties. Susan jeopardizes her chance at a life of her own in the local book shop, when Tippy Parrish, her sister-in-law, needs someone to drive with her to Fort Knox. There, madcap Lieutenant Bobby Parrish woos her with a giant hoax. Susan resists Bobby, returns home determined to work and attend Hunter College part time. Again family needs come first. Her widowed General father offers a trip to the Orient. Susan- ever the ""willow""- yields. Susan doesn't really make much progress in maintaining her rights as an individual- never becoming the ""oak"" she was determined to be. But she is ever a gentle dependable heroine, putting family first. Girls should find much to consider here, for the problem itself is representative and thought-provoking. Believable, with just enough gloss to make the pages fly.

Publisher: Dutton