LOVE TAPS GENTLY by Janet Lambert


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More about the Jordon family (see Friday's Child. A Dream for Susan etc.) sees further developments after their happy settlement in a house up Hudson from New York City and near their friends the Parrishes, Genl. Jordon has now gone into business from the Army; Susan, 16 is studying at nearby Briarcliff, Dave and Vance have summer jobs but their equilibrium gets a two way upset as members of their far flung family descend upon them. First Bitsy, a younger sister, comes back after the years she has spent in England becoming spoiled. Then Gwenn, who has married a movie star, sues the General for a mismanagement of her inheritance. Misunderstandings lead to developments then to denouements that right everything an ""love taps gently"" and shows them all how to behave a little more charitably towards each other. Tempests in a teapot flavored with a girlish glamour and a military background, for this dish.

Pub Date: Oct. 18th, 1955
Publisher: Dutton