CONFUSION -- BY CUPID by Janet Lambert


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As the archaic title suggests, this latest Lambert could easily double as a libretto for a Mosart opera with its roster of characters in the same age group united in the determination to pair off with the most suitable person of the opposite sex and to do this with a maximum of intellectual and emotional strain. Actually this is a beguiling book, mostly because of the author's understanding of her teen-age characters in which there is no condesenction on patronizing. This time seventeen-year-old Alice Jordan is the heroine and calmer of troubled-waters in the Jordan household. In the midst of the confusion of her brother Peter's ""drag"" trouble at West Point, her sister Gwenn's runaway marriage with a former child star of the movies and earnest attentions from Bobby Parrish, brother of Alice's friend Tippy, Allice finds that achieving a sane and mature point of view toward love and life in general is not easy. However all ends happily with each anxious young men period off with ""the right girl for him"". The dialogue is sparkling and natural, and girls who have followed the adventures of characters who appear in this book in previous stories will not be disappointed here. The author's judgment of Ovenn's marriage is kindly and mild, but there should be no doubt in the reader's mind that the marriage of two constitutionally unstable people is a ""special case"". Girls should love this story of teen-age love troubles.

Publisher: Dutton