TRIPLE TROUBLE by Janet Lambert


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This is the fourth in Miss Lambert's series about Cinda Hollister, one of her many wholesome, clean-cut, girl-next-door types. Since Cinda's activities can be perennially counted on to be continued, a centralized plot is apparently superfluous. This book covers a problem each that the three eldest Hollister children have. The kids are getting along in age -- Cinda has graduated from high school -- so their problems require a more mature consideration. The three, however are thoroughly grounded in Daddy and Moth Hollister's respectable, righteous, upper middle-class values, so after superficial consideration War-Horse decides not to get married until after college and law school, Cinda forgets about her eccentric New York poet boyfriend, and Lindsey turns down a contract with a major league baseball team.

Pub Date: March 31st, 1965
Publisher: Dutton