GRANDPA AND FRANK by Janet Majerus


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Out of the heartland, literally and figuratively, this fresh-faced story which takes place back home in a small town in Illinois back in 1947 when Grandpa, much loved by his twelve-year-old granddaughter Sarah, who tells the story, is threatened by her mean uncle Frank who plans to put him away in the County Home. Grandpa's been no end of nuisance--from crapping in the cold air register to hiding dead mice in his closet--and he has had a stroke although he's mostly over it. So Janet, with her friend Joey, two years older, and the pickup truck he can drive, plans to take Grandpa to Chicago where there's an aunt she doesn't know because she marred a Jew and ""bought a ticket to Hell."" But he's a doctor and can certify that Grandpa is perfectly sane. The trip is accomplished, in starts and disastrous stops, but at the end there's enough houseroom for both sense and sentiment. A sunbeam--try it out for size, old or young.

Pub Date: March 22nd, 1976
Publisher: Lippincott