EARTH DREAMS by Janet Morris


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The final installment in the Dream Dancer family dynasty/space-soap opera trilogy --and, yet again, the Kerrion trading empire is at stake as the snarling, belligerent brothers Marada and Chaeron square off, with young psi-talented pilot Shebat now committed to husband Chaeron's faction. Mad Marada tries to consolidate his insecure rule by ruthlessly choking off the production of intelligent spaceships . . . while Shebat and Chaeron, exiled to Earth, try to pacify that barbaric planet--using Shebat's illusion-spinning dream dancers, a spaceship co-operative headed by Shebat's cruiser Marada, and a variety of shifting alliances. Eventually, Marada even dumps on Earth the criminal dregs of space-end prison as a prelude to invasion. But, of course, everything will come up roses for Shebat in the end. Sabotage, murder, treachery; glutinous prose and numbing dialogue; wobbly motivation and plotting: for series devotees only.

Pub Date: June 3rd, 1982
Publisher: Putnam