TO SAVE A TREE: The Story of the Coast Redwoods by Janet Randall

TO SAVE A TREE: The Story of the Coast Redwoods

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There is none of the drama and little of the substance the title might suggest in this workaday survey of the redwoods' survival through millions of years of climactic changes and natural disasters. Mrs. Randall concentrates on their relatively recent history in what is in many respects the story of the exploration and development of California, the last main haven of extant species, where the rape of the forests began after the great gold rush. The author describes various logging methods which were employed with disastrous effects to the forests, then efforts of commercial and conservationist interests to preserve the trees by selective logging, propagation of tree farms, and development of national and state parks. Unfortunately her superficial reporting, uncritical acceptance of lumber companies' token concessions, and bland assumption of reason and virtue on all sides seriously diminishes the value of the report.

Publisher: McKay