DESERT VENTURE by Janet Randall


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When Gail is forced to move with her mother and two brothers to the middle of the desert where she and her mother will manage a somewhat clean ""greasy spoon"", she is reluctant to leave her beau behind. She adjusts quickly to her new life, but her brother Paul, a senior in high school, finds life more and more difficult. He gets mixed up with some young hoodlums, steals his mother's car and some money, and runs off defiantly to more distant sand. He is found, and returns, pouting and scowling. Finally, he finds himself, decides to join the Army, and then return to the diner and set up a garage with Nick, a boy who works for his mother. Events happen slowly in the sweltering heat; Paul's and Gail's goals are not very high, and there will be teenagers who look down instead of up to the hero and heroine of this heat dazed tale. The author also wrote Girl from Boothill (1962, p. 13, J-13) and others.

Pub Date: May 1st, 1963
Publisher: McKay