JENNIFER by Janet Whitney


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Early 19th century England and the story of a girl whom tragedy and adversity could not subdue. Jennifer was courageous, strong-willed, a champion of the people, and was victimized by the man who wanted to marry her for her money, and who poisoned her father and let her take the blame. She is convicted and sent to a penal colony at Botany Bay, where she is taken into service by a ruthless petty tyrant. Both of the men who had wanted her , follow her, -- and the man who loves her brings proof of the other man's guilt -- and he kills himself, and Jennifer is freed. Readable convincing background -- characters not too stereotyped, and yet it does not quite click. However, other times other problems meet a real need in reading tastes today.

Pub Date: Jan. 29th, 1940
Publisher: Morrow