LOVE, BID ME WELCOME by Janette Sebring Lowrey


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Set in Texas in 1912, this romantic tale is full of southern atmosphere. The 17-year-old heroine is Margaret McLeod, who lives with her great-uncle and his half-sister. When her great-aunt dies, an old family dispute comes to the fore. Margaret's main concerns, however, are more personal. She is about to graduate from high school, and although she is being encouraged to study music in Boston, she wants to attend a nearby teacher's college so that she may meet again a young man whom she has not seen for three years. Meanwhile she finds solace from the young doctor who keeps bounding in to attend to her aunt, and then (we guessed it all along) discovers that she is really in love with him. Despite the familiar plot, teen-age girls will love reading this.

Publisher: arper & Row