LET ME DO IT! by Janice Gibala-Broxholm


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For those hoping to raise self-reliant children, Katie's parents make fine role models: Katie's mom lets her pour the milk, then -- after she spills it -- quietly hands her a sponge and paper towels (the latter are not environmentally correct); Dad lets her hold the hose and only laughs and shows her how to turn off the water when he gets wet. After Katie has maintained self-esteem through each mishap by helping to repair the damage (albeit with limited success -- Band-Aids are stuck everywhere and her rewound yarn is more a tangle than a ball), Mom accedes to one last demand: the tot arranges her own blanket, half off the bed but ""all by herself."" This cheery take on a typical two-year-old syndrome may he most entertaining to children who have recently moved beyond it. Paterson's buoyant illustrations, in which the mayhem Katie creates and various patient observers (including a dog and cat) are contained tidily on square, bordered pages, wonderfully extend the humor and the message of acceptance of a small child's first efforts toward independence.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1994
Page count: 32pp
Publisher: Bradbury