RUN ME A RIVER by Janice Holt Giles


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This tale flows mighty slow for the cargo that's floated --namely, an expanded incident concerning steamboat shipping during the Civil War on the Green River of Kentucky. Bo Cartwright, tall in the pilot house, with his sidekick Foss, the boy , and the Negro hands, is determined to sail the Rambler, the boat he had worked o hard to buy, up the length of the Green River in spite of a Confederate encampment and Federal gunboats. The farmers and traders depend on the Rambler and the river belongs to everyone. After rescuing the two passengers from a capsized boat - attractive Phoebe and her actor grandfather, Bo begins to worry about passing the on federate encampment (this is accomplished) then begins to gloom about the gunboats one with little damage) and unloading the cargo (whisked off as neat as you please). In between engagements Phoebe bustles sensibly. There is little attempt to breathe life into what could be an exciting tale, and the casual period treatment of the plight of the Negro hands is irresponsible.

ISBN: 0813190703
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin