BETSY-BACK-IN-BED by Janice May Udry


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The prolific author of several well received titles including Is Susan Here? (1962, p. 517, J-137) has sketched a day in the life of Betsy-- a day when the little girl is ordered to stay in bed because of a cold. The restless child seems to be magnetically drawn to the window where she watches wistfully, longing to be outside. Her mother dreams up people and ways to entertain her, but soon Betsy is up again, ressing her red nose against the pane. Only when her older sister comes in and reads to her does Betsy lie back and relax. The illustrations have the cold, angular quality of commercial art, and except for few pleasing exceptions, are ordinary, lowering the ""temperature"" of the book to subnormal.

Pub Date: Nov. 7th, 1963
Publisher: Whitman