IS SUSAN HERE? by Janice May Udry
Kirkus Star


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All day long mother does her chores without the help of her regular assistant, Susan. Instead, a tiger appears, ready to help with the dishes, an elephant picks up the clothespins, a monkey accompanies her to market and mother has lunch with a pig and dinner with a rabbit. Wondering if Susan will ever return, mother tiptoes into her room and sings a favorite song. ""Then very softly, someone came in. 'I'm back', said Susan. And she was."" Youngsters familiar with changing species a dozen times during the day will delight in this story and adore a mother who can play her own role to the hilt. Peter Edwards' colorful illustrations provides the visual humor in this funny little secret Miss Udry shares with her audience.

Pub Date: Aug. 8th, 1962
Publisher: Abelard-Schuman