A TIME TO CHOOSE by Janine Boissard


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No. 4 in the French cozy-family Clearasil series; this time Pauline, 19, third daughter of Dr. Charles Moreau, has her very own romance and the book all to herself. In Christmas Lessons (1984), after Pauline's brief affair with Pierre, (married uncle of best friend Bea), she had met writer Paul D‚mog‚e high on a chilly hill in Burgundy. Now Pauline's two older sisters--horse-loving Bernadette and Clair, mother of a baby by American Jeremy who'll never know--are married to St‚phane and Antoine respectively; this leaves at the oh-so-loving Moreau home, with cute Dad and sweet Mom, only Pauline and 13-year-old C‚cile the Pest. Then Pauline is off to Paris to enter journalism classes, but the image of Paul looms large, and he actually shows up at friend Bea's ""Decadence Party,"" invited there by Pauline, who called him on the pretext of interviewing him for the magazine Moi. (Get it?) There's a noble Moreau interlude in the romance when Pauline brings suicide-headed Bea back from the brink with a telephone call to Bea's perennially absent father. But then a return to Paul and his broody problems; a clash with Dad and Mom; and a pioneer article by Pauline published to great acclaim, in which she appeals to the older generation: ""Our youth frightens you. You've forgotten how to breathe, to listen, to love."" Finally Paul breaks his promise to Dad Moreau to break off the relationship (Paul is 11 years older than Pauline), and fadeout with Pauline leaning on Paul's shoulder, ""[her] eyes alert to the horizon."" Fluffy stuff, more attuned here to the age group of the 13-year-old Pest, who will undoubtedly soon be harnessed as the next Spokesperson for Youth and Romance.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1985
Publisher: Little, Brown