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THE SECRET SOCK CLUB by Janine Werchinski-Yates


by Janine Werchinski-Yates illustrated by Michael P. Conway

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 2013
ISBN: 978-0-9855689-9-3
Publisher: Lucky Sock Publishing

A child’s sock encounters some surprising adventures in debut author Werchinski-Yates’ delightful picture book.

The future looks grim for Andy the sock when a mistake at the factory leaves him missing several stitches. But he’s in luck: The Baby Sock Maker stitches him up with an unusual stripe of pale blue thread. The blue stitches quickly distinguish him as a lucky sock when he arrives at the home of Joey Abernathy and his family, and the bonds he shares with his fellow socks make for plenty of giggles and good times. Life as a sock can be tough, though. Yet no matter if it’s sweaty feet, static cling or the ever present danger of the Abernathys’ puppy, Andy meets the challenges of his new life with an upbeat attitude and a relentless sense of fun. However, there’s one obstacle Andy can’t seem to overcome: The blue thread holding him together is falling out, and he’s in danger of being thrown out if the hole gets too big. He’s heard rumors of a “secret sock club” in which socks can seek refuge, but he must find it before it’s too late—and his friends may be counting on him to save the day. Perfect for anyone who wonders where lost socks go, this quirky, endearing story is sure to charm young readers. The satisfying plot hits the tried-and-true notes of a winning children’s book—Andy’s initial rejection, strong friendships, an ability to save the day—but the length and large amount of text per page make this a cumbersome read-aloud and a challenging independent read for young children. For those who can persevere, though, this whimsical take on the life of a sock becomes a memorable, entertaining read held together by gentle humor.

A creative, playful tale about the fate of missing socks.