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MR. PARTICULAR by Jason Kirschner


The World’s Choosiest Champion!

by Jason Kirschner ; illustrated by Jason Kirschner

Pub Date: May 10th, 2016
ISBN: 978-1-4549-1818-9
Publisher: Sterling

A young superhero holds his team back due to his many aversions.

Donning a cheery, apple-red cape, a shirt emblazoned with a scarlet "P," and an aviator's helmet, Mr. Particular may be a superhero, but he has a very precise litany of things he dislikes, including (but not limited to) tucked-in shirts, squishy mud, the smell of coconut, and humming. He fights alongside his teammates: the brown-socked, yellow-masked Atomic Bear and the striped-tights–wearing, pink-bespectacled Daring Duck. However, Mr. Particular’s fussiness has been keeping him on the sidelines of their world-saving fun, and the team isn't happy. Exiled from the group, he's worried that he'll be stuck playing with the diaper-laden Super Pooper (his little brother). When he discovers Atomic Bear stuck in a tree above some superslimy mud and near a humming beehive (depicted as a wasps’ nest), can Mr. Particular overcome his dislikes and save the day? Told in comic-book format with large, kinetic panels and a pleasantly muted palette, Kirschner's offering puts an accessible, even enjoyable spin on sensory aversions and adds dashes of giggle-worthy, slight potty humor to keep readers' interests piqued. While Mr. Particular is white, his team is fairly diverse racially as well as by gender. A tidily wrapped-up resolution shows even the most stickling superhero can muster the inner strength to do what must be done to save the day.

A particularly appropriate tale just right for a choosy crowd.

(Graphic picture book. 4-7)