WHAT IT TAKES TO FEEL GOOD: The Nickolaus Technique by Jay & Benno Isaacs Kobler
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WHAT IT TAKES TO FEEL GOOD: The Nickolaus Technique

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Even if the slightly self-impressed text doesn't pull, the photographs will, and the foreword by noted back specialist Leon Root won't hurt sales either. The Nickolaus Technique, developed by former dancer Richard Nickolaus, is a sequenced series of 30 exercises with strictly coordinated breathing patterns and movement. Not intended as a substitute for athletic activity, they're ideal as preliminaries or twice-weekly toners. Two are proscribed for back pain veterans but the rest are devised to accommodate the delicate balance of ankle, knee, and hip, to develop thigh muscles, to strengthen abdominal muscles, and to relieve tension in neck and shoulders. Liv Ullmann does them, and the appeal will be to others, men and women, intent on graceful, dancer-like body conditioning.

Pub Date: Sept. 15th, 1978
Publisher: Viking