OX by Jay Brothers


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P. Oxford Pomeroy, or Ox, is a Mike Hammer who digs opera while avenging his brother's murder. Don, the brother, had accidentally bought a leather bag in Morocco which contained a heavy weight of pure horse and when he made noises to the Federal government, an assassin walked into his home and shot him, his wife and kids. Ox, a retired government-trained assassin and now sales manager for a whiskey distributor, gets back in harness to kill the killer. Working for his former captain, a Colonel Vandervetter, he leaves a trail of broken bodies from Harlem to Morocco. At last he meets up with the head of the world's largest dope-smuggling ring -- Cartwright Brown, a black, the only person ever to have beaten Ox in a fight (back in their schooldays). Brown, known as Horseheads, is now a castrated wheelchair cripple, the victim of a landmine, but even so he almost kills Ox in hand-to-chair combat. Crushingiy macromorphic.

Pub Date: May 7th, 1975
Publisher: Bobbs-Merrill