EARNING MONEY WITHOUT A JOB: The Economics of Freedom by Jay Conrad Levinson

EARNING MONEY WITHOUT A JOB: The Economics of Freedom

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Once a full-time ad man, Levinson now earns $50,000 a year working at home--as chiefly, an advertising consultant. So, free of the office grind as he may be, he's not exactly a role model. But he's gung ho on the possibilities of freelance selling (look at the ads and offer your services as a local rep) or conducting a mail-order business, and devotes a chapter to the stratagems. He's creative in listing businesses that readers can start with little or no capital (one of his acquaintances reportedly makes over $100,000 a year raising worms, though we've heard more modest claims for that kick-the-traces staple). He's sketchy, however, on the relative advantages of proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations; and, surprisingly, on the principles of effective advertising. Most useful is his explanation of modular economics, or performing one segment of an already-existing operation. And he bucks the times by coming out strongly for honesty in business dealings. Give him credit for that and for his willingness to hustle, but look elsewhere for more thorough, brass-tacks information.

Pub Date: Sept. 12th, 1979
Publisher: Holt, Rinehart & Winston