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THE WAY OF THE HIVE by Jay Hosler Kirkus Star


by Jay Hosler ; illustrated by Jay Hosler

Pub Date: April 20th, 2021
ISBN: 978-0-06-300736-9
Publisher: HarperAlley

This graphic novel swarms with facts, all conveyed with smooth storytelling.

In the natural cycle of the beehive, worker bee Nyuki (Swahili for bee) learns about the history of the universe and the way of her hive from her older sister Dvorah (Hebrew for bee). Through Dvorah’s tutelage (and many of her own mistakes), Nyuki learns what it means to truly be a honeybee, her ignorance an effective means of eliciting information that readers will lap up thanks to ample humor in the wry dialogue. As she ages, Nyuki is able to pass along these lessons to a young worker named Melissa (Greek for bee), who will overwinter with the hive and help prepare it for spring’s return. Although it takes place over only a few seasons, the sweet story is rich with both information about honeybees and character development. Hives may have thousands of workers, but the art and the plot create three unique personalities that will have readers invested in learning more about this all-too-important insect—a feat made even more impressive by realistic illustrations that never anthropomorphize the characters and factual details that are far from honey-coated. Graphic novel fans, lovers of nonfiction, budding ecologists, and readers looking for their next great obsession will be buzzing around this title for years to come. Caregivers and educators will too, especially once they’ve seen the packed, excellent backmatter.


(Graphic fiction/nonfiction. 9-12)