SPRING RIOT by Jay Presson


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A first novel of Hollywood, that in its slick use of the smart chatter, insouciant touch, achives a glossy-coat finish for a story of demoniac possession. With the problems of a rented house, two normally brattish children, Kate Larson, separated from her husband, acting in the East, housemothers a total war between two of her friends, young juvenile, honest to God actor, Andy Duncan, known as Bubba, and Destry March, to whom Bubba's impervious completeness offers a challenge to the death. From a series of private explosions, Destry in her casual evil provokes and promotes Bubba's bondage to her, taunts him into desperate ruin of his career, and with his success in a new type of picture, tries to force his capitulation, even to daring him to kill her. Trading the murder charge against Bubba for the power she wants over him, with his refusal to submit, Destry's death causes Bubba to suicide. A showy piece that should attract a feminine audience in the benzedrine circuit.

Pub Date: Oct. 7th, 1948
Publisher: Rinehart