DANNY DUNN: Scientific Detective by Jay & Raymond Abrashkin Williams

DANNY DUNN: Scientific Detective

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As a boy detective Danny Dunn has lots of competition but the young scientist performs creditably here. Amateur sleuths are unlikely to lose any sleep over the crime or its solution: What could be a more obvious setup than an uncrackable safe? And who could be a more likely suspect than the store manager, Mr. Anguish, who asked Professor Bullfinch to design it? Yet the gadgetry Danny improvises would be the envy of any junior Sherlock; having learned the principle of Professor Bullfinch's watchdog safe (the owner's individual smell is its uncrackable combination) Danny builds his own radiometer from an old vacuum cleaner and is soon hot on the trail of the missing Mr. Anguish. With help from his pal Irene, occasional poetic encouragement from his non-scientist buddy Joe, and with fatherly, black Detective Ellison to keep their investigations in line, Danny keeps up a brisk pace. And young investigators will want to track down the pedigree of the Professor's chemical bloodhound.

Pub Date: Dec. 1st, 1975
Page count: 172pp
Publisher: McGraw-Hill