DELIGHT by J.B. Priestley


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Priestley confesses to having built up a reputation for crabbing and grumbling, and this is his apology, a collection of small pieces on the delights of life, positive and negative delights, tributes to small joys, appreciations of things he does not have to do, and so on. A glance down the Table of Contents suggests the inclusion -- the type of things covered (detective stories in bed, meeting a friend, the Marx Brothers, smoking in a hot bath, suddenly doing nothing, discovering Vermeer, making stew, buying books, and so on). But dip into it here and there for the savor of the writing, the shared sense of knowing the author better, the chuckles at bits of humor, the delight in the appreciation and its expression. Perfect pick-up reading, for guest room table and reading in bed.

Pub Date: Nov. 7th, 1949
Publisher: Harper