FROM MARX TO STALIN by J.E. Le Rossignol


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This is an exhaustive and critical reappraisal of Socialism in its inception and its developments, particularly Marxian philosophy as then interpreted and now developed. As background for the study, he goes back to Plato, the early Christians, and the Utopians. He studies the sources in the 18th century political and industrial revolution, and the steps by which history brought it down to Lenin and Stalin, with British and American socialism taking a middle of the road stand. He shows how the strategy and tactics of socialism depart from the program of Marx; he redefines dialecticalmaterialism as fundamental to understanding Communism. He reveals the weaknesses of the labor theory of value, acknowledges the contribution of capital to modern business, urging that capital change and not to be destroyed. A book for thoughtful readers who wish, sincerely, to understand the strange turns that Socialism has made in recent years. Where its ideals have gone, and how its evil advocates have betrayed it. Not for light reading.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1940
Publisher: Crowell