THE SKY IS RED by Jean A. Milner
Kirkus Star


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Warning -- exposure to this means reading it, and that in spite of the fact that the browser is warned off by its designation as a religious book. THEREFORE -- lift out of strictly religious book classification. Give it a break in both this section and the regular non-fiction section....It is a book about the Bible -- about the people who wrote the books of the Old and New Testament, with keen commentary on the differences between the Oriental and the Occidental mind, and the explanation of the miracles in the light of these differences. Then follows the last part of the book, -- a consideration of the living issues of a modern world in relation to the original basis of the Christian religion. Here's a book that will challenge those backsliders who discount the Sunday School brand of religion of twenty years age. It may be an old story to scholars, but it is news to the layman, and good reading whether you think you are interested in religion or not. A book which has possibilities for direct mail campaign, and that to others than the usual religious book department buyers. Read it yourself -- or have a member of your staff read it. Then go after the customers who will like it. Send out some copies on approval. Get the backing of local clergymen, particularly those who preach practical religion. Local interest in Indianapolis and environs -- where the author is known as rector of an Indianapolis Presbyterian Church.

Publisher: Bobbs-Merrill