PRETTYBELLE: A Lively Tale of Rape and Resurrection by Jean Arnold

PRETTYBELLE: A Lively Tale of Rape and Resurrection

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Prettybelle is the kind of southern spoof that can either grab you or put you off fried chicken for years. The author carries it along in CAPS however right up to the point where the judge aims at Widow Sweet and says ""Miss Belle, you are a WOUND IN THE SIDE OF THE SOUTH."" This, however, is sometime after the openers which include the funeral of Prettybelle's husband, Sheriff Leroy Sweet, known for his pride and prejudice; introductions to Saralizabeth, as beautiful as she is self-indulgent; and Grandmother Sweet, the mother-in-law and not-so-fading flower of Southern womanhood. With so MANY things to cope with, Prettybelle takes a nip of Southern mash and somehow finds herself chatting with the cook's son Billy Black on a bender that may or may not have led to RAPE, outraging seekers of justice as everyone gets into the act. . . particularly Mother Sweet who wants to be cast as another victim. It is LIVELY. . . a southern comfort that's fun.

Pub Date: Feb. 11th, 1969
Publisher: Dial