FOLLOW ME! Travels and Trysts Abroad for the Woman Alone by Jean Baer

FOLLOW ME! Travels and Trysts Abroad for the Woman Alone

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Traveling is easier than you think and Jean Baer, veteran of several continents, is a cheery cicerone and better than a Baedeker for the American woman, young or old, who yearns to go abroad. She was pushed out of the North American nest at a tender age by a wise employer who suggested she go to Europe during a temporary layoff. Utilizing a few simple rules (such as ""Go where you really want to go -- never where the travel agent says you should,"" and ""Always talk to strangers""), she has gone somewhere almost every year since then, sometimes on budgets, sometimes on ""working vacations."" Not yet married, she prefers lone travel to the company of another woman. She stresses plans that suit one's own personality, career, and longings. The great value of her book is its attention to detail: actual addresses of hotels and the best methods of getting reservations; precise locations of shops, specific differences among ski resorts, relative merits of the several types of tours as opposed to the do-it-yourself approach; realistic information on seasons, tipping, shopping, transportation, food, clothes, behavior, and outlook. She devotes a whole section to ""getting lifetime benefits from your trip abroad"" -- a reverse perspective for readers who have already returned.

Pub Date: April 5th, 1965
Publisher: Macmillan