GLIMPSES OF THE BEYOND by Jean-Baptiste Delacour


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The author, a West German parapsychologist, has collected a number of out-of-body experiences taking place on ""the darkling threshold"" (translator Garside usually restrains himself) between life and death. . . when the heart stops. . . and you cross over to the other side like French movie Star Daniel Gelin, or Charles Aznavour who was prematurely encased in a coffin, or how about the electric chair victim who did not die. Just a little psychophysical interpretation (Delacour isn't dictating at great length from The Other Side like Arthur Ford) and a good many curiosa -- the woman whose temperature rose to 118 degrees and seemed dead for three weeks; the man who slept for four years; the head transplants of a Dr. White (monkeys); etc. etc. All of the reports from over there sound very welcoming and luminously warm, even if you're not ready to take that ONE STEP BEYOND.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1974
Publisher: Delacorte