AWAKENING by Jean-Baptiste Rosst


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This story of a 28 year old nun's love for a 14 year old schoolboy (written by very young Frenchman of 17) will bear inevitable comparison to The Devil in the Flesh, a its passionate portrayal of an adolescent's awakening. And while there may be many who cannot condone the moral and religious aspects here, there is both sincerity and purity to no handling of a young romance which was only sullied by the cynosure of the outside world. For Denis, the boy, troubled by the process of maturation which also baffles his parents, is drawn toward the beautiful Sister Clothilde whom he meets by chance in a hospital. When their brief, broken meetings in the hospital become unbearable, Clothilde kes Denis to a friend's apartment in another part of Marseilles, and later the Allied invasion drives them to a farm where Clothilde discards her habit and inevitably shocks villagers who inform the Mother Superior and Denis' parents. Clothilde is unfrocked, this is sent to a strict military school, but nothing can destroy the innocent quality this first love for all the censure it bears with it. A novel of great literary promise which extends a plea for understanding and charity which a discriminating audience may well record.

Pub Date: Jan. 30th, 1951
Publisher: Harper