FLAME IN THE SKY by Jean Bothwell


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The story of young Jotham, soldier in Ahab's court at the time of the Syrian wars and the religious controversy between Jezebel and the prophet Elijah shows careful research and depth of characterization. Though it is a departure from many of the author's other fine stories of young people in India and America, it exhibits the spiritual introspection typical of her writing. At thirteen, Jotham is given the opportunity to go as an apprentice to Ahab's court. He is aware of elements swaying Israel at the time, but his youth prevents too serious a pondering of Jezebel's dominance, of the heathen worship of aal that threatens to snuff out the Jewish religion, of Elijah's and the other prophets' denunciations and of Ahab's inner conflict. Through time Jotham becomes an officer of the king, but his acquaintances and his family background lead him to Elijah as well and his strengthening convictions see him instrumental in aiding Elijah's work. A strength to the telling makes Jotham's story a sensitive focus for a dramatic biblical episode. Fine supplementary reading.

Publisher: Vanguard