THE LOST COLONY by Jean Bothwell


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A change of acene by an author who has written mostly about India-this is a well defined and often exciting reconstruction of a famous historical puzzler- the Roanoke settlement of 1587. The story is centered around young Humphray Hall who escapes from a tyrannical uncle in England to sail with Raleigh's colonists, the Dares and Governor White. The ship's treacherous Portuguese navigator Simon Ferdinando, engineers a landing at Roanoke more suitable to his purposes than the afore-destined Ch, and there they settle. There is double trouble with the Indians whose loyalties have been partially diverted by a previous British misdeed- and with the Spaniards through their agent Simon, but the colonists are left, if not with a secure future, at least with a victory when they blow up a Spanish ship returning to plague them.

Pub Date: April 20th, 1953
Publisher: Winston