JED AND THE SPACE BANDITS by Jean & Claudio Marzollo Matzollo


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The adventurers from Jed's Junior Space Patrol join forces with a young girl whose parents have been imprisoned by three outer-space villains. After learning that Molly's parents have invented a formula that makes people invisible, Jed leads his group to Planet X32. There the bandits capture the space-patrol members, sealing them in ""egg locks"" --jail-like capsules. Luckily, Molly becomes invisible, engineers a brief but slapstick fight among the bandits, and rescues the space patrol and her parents. The subtly toned and textured illustrations contribute style and zest to the story's souped-up space elements, which include a magnetic rescue net, a zoom taxi, and a space houseboat. The space patrol members, who are cute rather than futuristic, include two cuddly cogs, a combination cat and dog that can send silent thought-waves, and a roller-skating teddy-bear robot. A fast-paced story that's a worthy acquisition for the beginning reader.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1987
Page count: 48pp
Publisher: Dial/Dutton