BUY IT RIGHT!: An Introduction to Consumerism by Jean & Clifford J. Earl Ende

BUY IT RIGHT!: An Introduction to Consumerism

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A barely ali right book about how to buy -- less aggressive than the Margolius oeuvre, less specific (but then he's spread himself out from book to book and subject to subject) and assuming a total naivete on the part of the buyer. Broadly the authors cover the budget in terms of food (nutrition values, grade and cuts of meats, unit pricing, where to shop); safety factors in toys and other products; to that prime acquisition -- the car (the 14-cent day-to-day cost of operating an automobile probably exists no more anywhere and never did in urban areas); clothing, furniture, insurance, buying via mail order and on credit (the two worst ways) and finally consumer protection agencies which are supposed to safeguard your interest -- so should a book like this only it is really too superficial.

Pub Date: Oct. 10th, 1974
Publisher: Dutton