PATH TO FREEDOM by Jean Corbon


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Christians traditionally regard the events of the Old Testament as a ""prefigmentation"" or foreshadowing, of the significance, if not of the events, of the New Testament. In keeping with that view, Corbon traces in the chronological stages of the Old Testament (""the pedagogue which leads us to Christ"") the development of the logical and vital stages of the Christian experience of Christ. His purpose is not didactic, but inspirational; and his aim is not exegetic or strictly theological, but ascetic: an initiation into a spiritual, rather than a purely intellectual, reading of the entire Bible. In the events of the pre-Christian Bible he distinguishes the historical stages which correspond to the spiritual evolution of the Christian soul: Creation of the word; Promise, by which the word enters the life of the Christian; Pasch, the incarnation of the word; Exodus, the attainment of Christian freedom; Covenant and Kingdom. Exile reiterates the theme of promise; Return, that of power. The whole climaxes in Resurrection, and in the Liturgy--the merging of the human and the divine. This is an instructive and original work of integration, the like of which rarely appears in popular form. Despite a tendency to rather grandiose rhetoric, the book may be recommended as a wholly modern approach to both the Bible and the spiritual life.

Pub Date: Feb. 26th, 1969
Publisher: Sheed & Ward