MY UNCLE AND THE CURE by Jean de la Brete


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This small, provincial period romance which was written and published before the turn of the century in France where it has been reprinted innumerable times (many here will remember it as a classroom classic) is now translated into English for the first time. Even many years later, it still retains its youthful charms, its innocence and disconcerting candor, as it confides- in the first person- the story of Reine, consigned, when orphaned, to the care of her aunt- ""the most disagreeable woman that I have ever known' and the peaceable if sometimes reproachful Cure who came to give her lessons. Isolated in an old house, Reine makes her research of love (the novels of Walter Scott) and men- much to the discomfiture of the Cure, until her aunt's death takes her to live with her uncle where she goes out into society and falls in love with her distant cousin- Paul de Co and finally wins his heart... An unaffectedly sentimental story- few will not feel indulgent toward its petite and pretty heroine. It is a very pleasant trifle.

Pub Date: April 18th, 1958
ISBN: 054839105X
Publisher: Vanguard