CHOIX DES ELUES: ""Choice of The Elect by Jean Giraudoux
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CHOIX DES ELUES: ""Choice of The Elect

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The acknowledged head of the French theatre again turns to the novel form in this psychological study of mother and daughter. It is a very esoteric dish -- even though Giraudoux has managed to delete the obscurantisms of his early prose style and his rather outrÉ symbolistic touches. This is the story of two flights, first that of Edmee, married to a prosaic but cultivated engineer, with her daughter Claudie. ""Solitary anonymous, pure,"" she could only touch at life lightly -- she was incapable of the encirclement that is marriage, a home, daily contact. She finds peace only in freedom -- but in later years finds herself bound to her daughter who in turn escapes back into the normal world. Giraudoux is an extremely subtle writer, handling the nuances of feminine temperament with a penetrating but delicate touch. He is furthermore a gifted stylist, with a sense of fantasy, poetry.

Publisher: Bernard Grasset Sequana Selection