BLAZE OF THE SUN by Jean Hougron


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A sultry story of violence in which the war in Indo-China is perhaps secondary to the conduct of its intimates, as Lastin, a renegade French doctor who had murdered his wife, escapes to Saigon where he runs a petrol truck to the French forces in the interior. Captured by the Vietnamese, he is confined to a primitive jungle outpost where he meets the alluring My- Diem, the wife of a Frenchman. And what promises to be a story of the Indo-Chinese campaign deteriorates into an intrigue between Lastin and My-Diem who expedites her release through his betrayal. He escapes, and follows her to Saigon. Although these two engage in all sorts of dubious activities, the author would have us believe that their attachment for one another is real, deep and moving,- this in spite of the fact that My-Diem is loyal to her husband because he had championed her after her betrayal of a former lover- while Lastin is guilty, not only of the murder of his wife, but he has also killed the brother of his previous mistress. These two, along with some minor stereotypes, provide a racy course of misconduct and a certain kind of hot blooded, hot footed entertainment. We were neither convinced nor entertained. Warning to PL's.

Pub Date: Aug. 23rd, 1954
Publisher: Farrar, Straus & Young