GENIUS IN THE FAMILY by Jean & Kathy Godfrey


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There must be thousands of people throughout the country who would be interested to know something about that man Godfrey. His success was something of a show-business phenomenon. And who knows but that we wouldn't now be playing the Jello-Pudding Game if he hadn't begun interpreting Madison Avenue's scripture somewhat loosely, years . But curiosity stands a chance of satisfaction through this little by the Godfrey sisters. They insist throughout upon breaking down the spotlight equally, letting the light shine on every member of the Godfrey house- Mother, a size enough little lady who played piano in a movie house in Hasbrouck Heights and thought for more virtuous than macaroni; Father, a free-lance journalist, something of a who complied a Blue Book about thoroughbred horses; and, the Godfrey children. The kids performed in some store window back in the Heights. played violin. blew a small wooden flute. And the boys were on with thimbles on their fingers. Wonderfully detailed scene, that. Arthur's conversion to get mentioned, rather superficially in two paragraphs. But this is about as far beneath the freckles as the girls go. Who's the genius in the family? Every last one of them, my Mother writes march music. One of the boys, I believe its's Bob, sells refrigerator. You know about . And the girls? They write simply dreadful books.

Pub Date: May 7th, 1962
Publisher: Putnam