ONE TO GROW ON by Jean Little


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I think most of the lies you tell are like 'dress-up clothes.' You try them on to make a different impression,"" godmother Tilly tells Janie Chisholm. But lying is just a symptom of how a child can be a part of and yet apart from her family, here handled with acumen and verve. At first Janie is thrilled that pretty, poised Lisa Daniels wants to be her friend but then she sees that Lisa has brother Rob as a target and, worse still, Lisa lies--maliciously. In contrast is Pam, a quiet but open tag-along who responds in friendlier terms. Tilly, who has great personality and is closer to Janie's temperament, has an answer in the summering island she buys. . . but not quite. Her enthusiasm is contagious but once settled they both need variation; fortunately Tilly had the foresight to invite Pam as a surprise guest-for-a-month for Janie's birthday. But meanwhile Lisa's traveling parents have dumped her at Pam's and she must come too. Which is less than a happy birthday present, although with Tilly's oblique prods, Janie's increased confidence (via a shift in the Chisholm family gears), and some Little talent it works out. Affecting and sensible.

Pub Date: April 17th, 1969
Publisher: Little, Brown