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Specialists at the Tokyo National Museum, the authors provide a clear chronological text on Chinese ceramics from the earthenware of 2500 B.C. They write of the development of the art in the Shang-Yin, Chou, Warring States, Northern and Southern Dynasties Periods, its flowering in the T'ang, Five Dynasties, Sun and Southern Sung Periods, and its maturation in the Yuan, Ming and Ch'ing Periods. There is precise information in particular as to the kilns where the pottery was produced, a concern for the history which affected the ceramics, notes on the glazes and colors, and reference to recent discoveries. There are over 200 text illustrations, 92 black and white plates, 22 color plates, of which the last are the most satisfactory (the others sometimes lack definition). The book is not, by the authors' admission, definitive; still it offers grounds for aesthetic study more than aesthetic delectation, as the production leaves something to be desired (a fact somewhat offset by the price).

Publisher: Tuttle